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PowerFlex Zones

For large pans

PowerFlex zones are particularly versatile and flexible. Whether individual cookware, particularly large pasta pans or oven dishes: they can all be used without a problem. The unsurpassed speed is unique, with to a boosteroutput of up to 7.4 kW. It goes without saying that PowerFlex also features Miele’s tried-and- tested TwinBooster technology.


Optimum Temperature

Perfect results

The optimum temperature is quickly reached after selecting one of three settings, and is confirmed by an acoustic signal. Once set, the temperature remains constant throughout the entire cooking process. There’s no need to change power levels.

Induction heating

Heat is generated where it is needed

When cooking with induction, heat is generated only where it is needed: in the bottom of the pan. Cooking with induction is particularly efficient, as no heat is lost. And it is particularly safe as the ceramic glass remains comparatively cool.